Hands on

women, climate, change

Hands-on profiles five women from four continents tackling climate change through policy, protest, education and innovation. The film powerfully demonstrates how women are transferring knowledge and local networks into hands-on strategies.

This 48-minute collaborative documentary offers unique perspectives across cultures and generations; A young woman challenges the expansion of oil rigs in the North Sea while a seasoned community organizer interprets satellite weather reports for fisherman struggling to survive on India’s increasingly volatile coast.

An IAWRT project.

Silje Lundberg

Silje Lundberg runs the only youth environmental organization in Norway, leading 7000 members in a campaign to prevent arctic oil exploration around the largest cold coral reef in the world.

Directed by Karen Winther, Norway



Following the devastating impacts of cyclone Thane, Maheshvari became a community leader and through her daily announcements, she delivers satellite information on weather conditions to ensure the safety of struggling fisherman in her coastal community of Veerampattinam, India.

Directed by Nupur Basu, India


Jose Gerin-Lajoie

Researcher Jose Gerin-Lajoie is developing research methods with Cree and Inuit Communities in Quebec to share knowledge and ensure that research initiatives to address climate change take into account those most impacted.

Directed by Iphigenie Marcoux-Fortier, Canada


Jasmine Thomas

Jasmine Thomas of Saik’uz First Nation (Canada) is leading a coalition to prevent efforts to build a tar sands pipeline across her community that threatens water security and contributes to global warming.

Directed by Liz Miller, Canada


Annabell Waititu

After years of contributing to reforestation and climate change policies in Kenya, Annabell Waititu is training women farmers in sustainable practices, ensuring their voices are taken into account when developing national policies and helping women understand their rights.

Directed by Mary Kiio, Kenya


The documentary


The directors

Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier founded her own production company, Les glaneuses in 2004, and has directed short, medium-length and one feature-length documentary. She is concerned with questions of cultural identity, community involvement, collective memory and access to culture. Iphigénie is also inspired by video activism as an essential means of expression and community involvement.

Mary Kiio is a freelance journalist who is committed to telling stories on democracy and governance issues to keep citizens informed on the change they can bring to their society. She is also a media trainer specializing in conflict sensitive journalism as well as a children's book author.

Nupur Basu is an award winning television journalist and documentary filmmaker from India. She has reported extensively in print and television on politics, development, livelihood issues, environment and health from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka and Uganda. She is also a media educator and was visiting faculty at the Graduate School of Journalism in Berkeley in 2010.

Liz Miller is a professor in Communication Studies at Concordia University in Montreal and an award winning documentary maker whose films and transmedia projects offer new and critical perspectives on gender, social movements and media. Her films, web initiatives, and media campaigns on timely issues such as water privatization, gender violence, and immigration have won numerous awards and been used in educational curricula around the world.redlizardmedia.com

Karen Winther holds a BA in documentary film directing from Lillehammer University College and an MA in documentary directing at the National Film & Television School in the UK. She has worked for several years as a television director in Norway. Her debut film, Rock Heart Beijing (2009) is about about the lead singer of the Chinese punk band SUBS. Her film, Betrayal, is her graduation film and has screened around the world and was awarded the award for Best Student Documentary at the 2011 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).


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